XDS 20 X74 Sprint Fixie

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The XDS X74 Sprint Fixie is the ideal commuter or recreational bike for the fixie fans. It has a flip flop hub, which gives it the versality to be either fixed or free-wheel. It looks cool and is a smooth ride. It has no gears making it lighter for carrying, which makes it the ideal city bike.

Flip Flop Hub

Equipped with a Flip-Flop to change from free-wheel to fixed. Riders can slow down and brake through the pedals as well as ride in reverse. No extra gears give the Sprint Fixie a sleeker, cleaner look.


Reduction of gears makes this bike perfect for city riding. It is lighter and easier to carry.

Alloy Side Pull Brake

Find extra confidence in the stopping power of the Sprint Fixie with front and rear Alloy Side Pull caliper brakes.

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