Covid Opening Hours - 03/02/2021

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Covid-19 and our current opening hours.

The current operating restrictions

We've been instructed that until the 5th (unless the restriction get extended), we are only allowed to be open for our workshop repairs and servicing. Please feel free to book in your bike for a service by calling, coming in-store, or booking online.

No browsing or buying items that aren't processed through our workshop. Please always wear a mask and maintain a 1.5m social distance.

We will have to turn away anyone that does not follow these restrictions.

We can still replace tubes, tyres, etc., but please call before to make sure we have capacity.

Please wait outside if all staff members are occupied.

Thank you for respecting our Covid safe rules.


  1. Dave Griffiths Dave Griffiths

    Sorry I only saw you comment now. If you have not sorted this already we can help you - if you bring the bike in and leave it with us we will uslually get it sorted in 24 hours for you. Regards. BFJ

  2. Dave Griffiths Dave Griffiths

    Sorry, I only saw this comment now so this reply may be too late. We use for casual shippng of bikes. To 4220 it indicates prices of around $136. We normally charge $59-$79 to box up a bike and it can be shiped direct from our store once boxed. We need to book those jobs in through the workshop so there will be a few days lead time to get that done. Regards. BFJ

  3. Frank prostamo Frank prostamo

    Please provide a price to box up and send a racing bike to the Gold Coast 4220.
    Regards frank(0423813098)

  4. Denise Curnow Denise Curnow

    Hi my bike needs a new tube on the back wheel I also need a bike pump and have it attached to the bike can i drop off today 0418920503

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