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4IIII Fliiiight Indoor Smart Trainer

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4IIII Fliiiight Indoor Smart Trainer

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The 4iiii Fliiiight Indoor Trainer uses a bank of powerful permanent magnets that generate eddy currents when a conductor (such as your aluminum wheel rim) is passed through them. Eddy currents oppose the original magnetic force, creating resistance without making any noise or wearing out your wheel or tire.

Because of its unique resistance mechanism, Fliiiight does not generate any more noise than your bike's drivetrain. And because it can fold flat, Fliiiight can be stored easily just about anywhere: under your couch, in luggage, or just out of the way.

You don't have to install a hard tire, like a wheel-on trainer. You don't have to take your wheel off, like a direct-drive trainer. You simply put your skewer in the skewer cups, make sure your spoke-counting clip is installed, and you are ready to ride. If the weather improves, you can have your bike road-ready in 10 seconds by unclipping it from the skewer cups.

Fliiiight communicates over ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, and can be used with all popular riding and training apps, letting your workouts just fly by. Riding apps can act as virtual coaches or virtual racing arenas, keeping you motivated and entertained while training indoors.


Key Features

  • Portable - charge it up and you don't need to connect it to mains power
  • USB C connection
  • Foldable and storable
  • Next to no noise
  • Dynamic adjustable resistance with apps like Zwift
  • Magnetic resistance for no extra wear and tear