PROLOGO Kappa Evo Dea T2

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The Prologo Kappa Evo DEA 2 T2.0 Saddle is designed specifically for the female anatomy, and can be used widely for road, off-road, gravel and even e-bikes. The semi-round structure ensures comfortable sitting characteristics making it ideal for medium/long distances. Lengthwise the seat measures 273mm and its width is 147mm.

Comfort Channel With its anatomical comfort channel the Kappa Evo DEA2 T2.0 Women's Saddle offers a 2 level pressure relief channel to eliminate pressure, reduce numbness and help maintain blood flow to the pelvic area especially when seated for long stretches of time. Airflow to the region is also increased which helps, in turn, to keep overheating in check.

T2.0 Rail (7mm) Saddle construction consists of light PU foam padding, a microfibre upper and a T2.0 rail achieving a total weight of 255g. The seat uses a Chromo-Molibdeno rail with a very high tensile strength and has a 7mm rail clamp diameter. The end result is a stylish, ergonomic and lightweight seat for female riders seeking both comfort and value-for-money.

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