DIRTSURFER Printed MudGuard Octopus On Pink

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The Octopus (ingatious roctopus) is uniquely gifted with the ability to change colour to blend with his surroundings. A shame we can't match our outfits with our bikes in the same way. This lightweight, stunning front mudguard will keep the crud at bay.

Dirtsurfer Mudguards look great and work perfectly. Expertly designed to protect your face, fork stanchions and fork seals, DIRTSURFER MUDGUARDS do a great job of deflecting the water, mud and muck that is thrown up from your front tyre as you ride. The fact that they come in such a great range of terrific patterns and theme colours makes them visually appealing as well as incredibly practical. Made Tough For Tough Situations, but weighing in at a mere 28g DIRTSURFER MUDGUARDS are perfect for racers, weight weenies (and everyone else). Made from a custom-extruded polypropylene (using 50% recycled and 50% virgin material) they deliver a lightweight, yet stiff and durable, base material for any tough situation. Suitable for all mountain bike wheel diameters from 29+ right down to the now somewhat retro 26" wheels DIRTSURFER MUDGUARDS feature uniquely stylised artwork printed using the latest in high resolution UV flatbed print technology direct to polypropylene to make them a standout feature of your bike.

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