BELL Star Pro Aero Helmet w/o Shield (New Old Stock)

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This helmet is new/old stock.  It has been on the shop floor for a while and although colour has faded a little, it is still in good condition. The Star Pro is specifically engineered for adaptable performance. It’s a completely new approach that combines race-winning aerodynamics with advanced ventilation technologies. In one helmet. Like you’ve never seen before. Using a complex process called wind-averaged aerodynamic drag, a full range of aero helmets were independently tested against a traditional race helmet in a wind tunnel facility in Arizona. Each helmet was tested at a wind velocity of 25 mph at a 30º head angle. The tests proved that the Star Pro with vents closed provided a significantly faster ride than the closest competitors.In a sprint, every second counts and makes the difference in reaching the podium or just the finish line. This infographic shows the gain earned over the distance of a 300-meter sprint finish at 1150 watts.

Active aero

Gives you the ability to regulate airflow, temperature and aero efficiency on the fly with a simple slider mechanism

Overbrow ventilation

Regulates temperature by drawing cool air into the intake ports and circulating it through a matrix of air channels pushing out warm air through the exhaust ports

Progressive layering

Two-layer liner has softer density EPS foam on interior sections and stiffer EPS foam on exterior zones


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