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Shimano 105 R7100 Di2 12 Speed Road Bike Groupset

Shimano 105 R7100 Di2 12 Speed Road Bike Groupset image 1

Shimano 105 R7100 Di2 12 Speed Road Bike Groupset

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The new Shimano 105 Di2 brings electronic gearing to a more entry-level market making it more affordable. Get huge benefits with smoother gear shifting, gear ratios made for all-round riding, no more brake rub, and more. Shimano has refined many aspects of their groupsets over the years. Every new generation solves a wide range of issues from the previous generation.
It's a new day. Shimano 105 Di2 is here Di2's Shimano 105 Debut. The new Shimano 105 brings Di2 shifting to a new set of riders. For those who have only experienced mechanical shifting and ergonomics, Shimano 105 Di2 represents a transformation of the road cycling experience. With function and technologies inherited from Dura-Ace and Ultegra, Shimano 105 is the culmination of years of research and development. With a shared Di2 platform, sophisticated ergonomics, Shimano 105-optimized gear combinations, and an exceptional brake system, the new Shimano 105 marks a new era of affordable performance. Ride-changing tech - always in control Shimano 105 Overview. Interface: Shift with absolute ease. Drivetrain: A drivetrain for diverse riders. Disc brake system: Slowing down never felt this good. Interface: Shift with absolute ease. Worry-Free Di2 Shifting in a compact size Never skip a shift as you fatigue or encounter an unexpected climb. Worry-free Di2 shifting and a compact shifter size keep you in control in any situation. The difference is made over the course of a ride, saving you energy with every gear change, allowing you to focus on the scenery, your effort, and your friends. The all-new lever shape brings comfort and control in every riding position. Easier on the hands. Comfortably compact hoods. Short-travel shifting. Save energy and focus by quickly adapting to ever-changing conditions with a button press instead of many manual shifts. Shifting is automatically completed at the touch of a switch, eliminating the need for the amount of stroke required for mechanical shifting. The rider can shift into the most appropriate gear at will, depending on the everc-changing conditions, speed, and road surface. This is a great advantage not only in the world of racing, but for all cyclists. Drivetrain: A drivetrain for diverse riders. Helping you meet the road with 12-speed gearing and low-climbing ratios. Here is the low gear that you've always wanted. Shimano 105's sub-1:1 ratio 12-speed range is a tool that lets riders take on steeper slopes and better control their effort along the way. Shimano synchronized shift. One-hand shifting that can be personalized to match your riding style. Enjoy simple, one-hand control as the front derailleur is automatically kept in synchronization with the rear for consistently efficient pedaling and stress-free shifting. You can personalize it to match your riding style in the E-TUBE PROJECT app. Disc brake system. Slowing Down Never Felt This Good ACCESSIBLE, RACER-READY BRAKE SYSTEM. With a new piston design, race-ready braking is now available for even more riders.
The new SHIMANO 105 braking system allows riders to progress in their cycling journey by learning the joys of braking and pushing their limits. 10% wider pad clearance. Better sensitive braking control in a wider control zone. Helps avoid pad rubbing.
Is Shimano going to release mechanical 105 groupsets?
Shimano has not mentioned any mechanical groupsets for the latest generation of groupsets. We're expecting Tiagra to become the new go-to mechanical groupset.
Is Shimano still making rim brake groupsets?
Shimano is fazing out rim brakes from their road groupsets entirely. Their is no word about rim brakes for the new 105, Ultegra, or Dura-Ace. Many road bike manufacturers have announced that all their future models will be disc brake only.

What is the release date for the new 105 Di2 12 speed?
Our first stock of the Shimano 105 Di2 12 speed groupset arrived on Friday the 30th of September. Stock availability is limited so we recommend ordering soon, before we run out of stock.

Is Di2 better than mechanic shifting?
Electronic shifting is slowly taking over the gear shifting market. It's offering a more reliable solution that doesn't suffer from cable stretch. The perfect electronic tuning is more accurate than a mechanic derailleur could ever be. The buttons instead of shift levers makes your shifting quicker and more accurate. We're expecting electronic gearing from Sram and Shimano to take over the high-end road bike market over the next couple of years.
Di2 also offers more options such as synchronised shifting. This allows the rider to stop worrying about their front derailleur and allows the smart automated system to automatically shift as required.
Other than weight, how does 12 speed 105 differ from it's Ultegra and Dura-Ace counterparts?
Ultegra and Dura-Ace have Shimano's Servo Wave pivot mechanism which gives greater modulations over braking.
Shimano's latest Hyperglide+ shifting technology in their chains and cassettes makes shifting faster and sharper, particularly under load. These massive improvements allow you to shift while going uphill with much less worry. This is not available in Shimano's 105 parts.
Shimano has refined their Ultegra and Dura-Ace derailleurs to be more compact with faster and more accurate shifting. 105 is largely using trickle-down tech from last generation.
There are certainly more differences which and all are expected  105 is here to offer a more affordable Di2 while Ultegra and Dura-Ace are here to offer the latest technology and performance enhancements.

Shimano mentions more brake clearance, what's this about?
Road disc brakes have long been suffering from brake rub. For some people, it always came back no matter how many times they fixed it. Taller riders found the flex through their bike caused rub, some people found they were getting grit in their caliper every ride.
Shimano has changed their brake caliper to offer more clearance solving these ongoing issues.
How much does the groupset weigh?
The groupset weighs just over 3kg unpackaged which makes it ~360g heavier than the new Ultegra and ~560g heavier than the new Dura-Ace.
All these values are from Shimano and we have not weight them ourselves.
What's in this package?
  • FC-R7100 Front Crankset 105, 50-34t, 170m or 172.5mm or 175mm
  • FD-R7150 Front Derailleur 105 Di2 12-Speed
  • RD-R7150 Rear Derailleur 105 Di2 12-Speed
  • ST-R7170 Left Lever w/ BR-R7170 Rear Disc Caliper
  • ST-R7170 Right Lever w/ BR-R7170 Front Disc Caliper
  • CN-M7100 12-Speed SLX Chain w/ Quicklink, 116 Links
  • CS-R7100 Cassette 11-34T 105 12-Speed
  • SM-RT70 Disc Rotor 160mm 105/SLX Centerlock
  • SM-BB72 Bottom Bracket Press-fit Road 86.5mm, 41mm Diameter
  • BT-DN300 Battery Di2, Internal type
  • EW-EC300 Charging Cable, RD-R9250/RD-R8150/FC-R9200P, 1700mm
  • EW-SD300-I Electric Wire, Di2 700mm Built-in Routing
  • EW-SD300-I Electric Wire, Di2 1200mm Built-In Routing