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Workshop Terms & Conditions

By leaving any items with us, you agree to these terms and conditions


Storage Fees

We hold the right to charge storage fees if you leave items with us for a week or more before or after workshop related work is scheduled.
This fee is charged per week.

This fee is generally $10 per week but may be more based on the space your item(s) take up.

If you know that you're leaving the bike for a week or more, let staff know when booking the bike in and we may be able to waive the fee.

Long Term Storage

We do not offer long-term storage solutions.

If items are left for 3 months with no contact with the customer, the item will be considered lost property and we hold the right to claim ownership of said item.

If items are left with us for 6 months, whether we have had contact with the customer or not, we hold the right to claim ownership of the product.

If the storage fee of the item exceeds the estimated value of the item, we can at any point in time claim ownership of the product.


Service Detail Changes

Storage Fees

When calculating storage fees, we hold the right to use either the original service date as recorded by our system or the changed service date.


Prices may changed before, during, or after the service for various reasons.
These reasons include but are not exclusive to:

  • Additional work required
  • Changes in product or service prices
  • Incorrect quote
  • Storage fees added to quote




When working on items and following a proper or agreed upon procedure, we are not liable for any damages caused to your items.

Some damage examples include but are not exclusive to:

  • Spokes/nipples breaking during adjustment
  • Bolts shearing during adjustment
  • Cables snapping during adjustment
  • Derailleur hangers snapping during alignment


We are not liable for any injury caused by the state of your items after work has been done. If it is deemed the work was insufficient, we will compensate you with one of the following:

  • A full refund for all the work done
  • A refund of only the work that was lacking
  • Fix the problem at no charge

Any refunds processed may be either via Bike Force Joondalup account credit, cash, card, bank transfer, or through one of our payment providers through ecommerce. We reserve the right to choose between account credit, original payment method, or an agreed upon alternate method.

We do not guarantee the item to be fully checked unless explicitly stated. Please check the detail of the work done to understand what our mechanics look at.