About Us

Bike Force Joondalup as an independently owned retailer. We pride ourselves with brilliant customer service to bring your riding experience to the next level!

Our staff are all well trained, and put your customer experience before making sales.

Staff have over 25 years of experience passed down from the oldest to the newest staff members. Over time, we've developed our own techniques and experience to make your bike perfect on day #1.

We believe that everyone makes mistakes, and have in turn developed a rigorous checking procedure. Every single bike we assemble goes through the following process:

  • Initial Assembly
  • First test ride
  • Information capture (serial number, etc.)
  • Check over by another mechanic
  • Test ride by the mechanic that checked the bike

Then the bike goes onto the shop floor. After purchase, we then do one final check to make sure there has been no cable stretch during the bike's time on the shop floor, and you're good to go.

After 2-3 months, we provide a first free service that much be book in for any geared bike. This once again makes sure everything is running smoothly, you experience no initial cable stretch, and you can always have the Perfect Ride.