GT Stomper Prime 20" Bike Girls Silver

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The GT Somper Prime 20" Girls Bike isn't just a dream to ride, but it has an exceptional 'Cool' factor that makes it stand out. The lightweight alloy frame and rigid fork enables this bike to ride fast with easy handling. Perfect for the petite tomboy who wants to have heaps of fun.




Improved Geometry bikes with the LegitFit system feature geometry adjustments to improve ergonomics for youth statures. The result: Increased stability, comfort and confidence for a wider range of riders.

Easier Pedaling bikes with the LegitFit system have their pedal positions moved slightly forward. The result: Makes it easier to pedal.

Better Positioning bikes with the LegitFit system have narrower crank and pedal positions that match the width of a child’s hips. The result: A stronger, more natural pedal stroke.

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