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WEERIDE Bicycle Baby Seat Standard

WEERIDE Bicycle Baby Seat Standard image 1

WEERIDE Bicycle Baby Seat Standard

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The WeeRide Classic is the best and safest front mounted kids seat on the market. It fits very centrally, so it is not actually front mounted but firmly centre mounted. This helps to place the weight in a more stable centralised position and allows Mum or Dad to wrap their arms easily around the child. This makes steering a lot easier than the forward front mounted seats. There is also less chance of your little one being tossed around when you have to suddenly brake or corner sharply. When you use the Weeride Classic Seat, you will see for yourself why the reviews are so brilliant. This allows you to interact with your little one and chat to them on the ride. A much better situation then the poor little thing stuck behind your back the whole way. Not cool at all!!! The whole point of riding with your child, is to engage with them and help them to enjoy the journey and have some fun...can't do better for them than installing the Weeride Classic!!!  


  • Black cushioned seat 
  • Meets all Safety Standards unlike other front seats
  • A unique CENTRE MOUNTED bike seat for children
  • Number 1 selling seat in the UK and US
  • Recommended for ages from 1-4 years. Though can be used as soon as neck muscles are strong enough ie 6-9 months.
  • Allows the rider to communicate with their child.
  • Child’s needs can be dealt with.
  • Interesting view for the child, not just your back!
  • Patented bar puts weight in centre of bike and not on front like other front seats
  • No attachment to the handlebars which we believe is dangerous
  • You feel the child is more secure with your arms around them.
  • The seat can be fitted easily within 20 minutes
  • The seat can be removed in seconds for solo riding
  • Headrest for baby to sleep, which they do at an early age
  • No dangling legs as moveable footrests
  • Fits most bikes including oversized head tubes and full suspension bikes of 16”+. Comes with its own bar so fits to ladies and Mens bikes.
  • 5 point safety strap and enclosed movable footrests for child safety
  • Extra bars available for multi bike use
  • Everything you need is in the box including the seat, bar and tools
  • Please note the new bar does not have the thumbscrew in the picture