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GIGAPOWER Brake Pads for V-Brake 72mm

GIGAPOWER Brake Pads for V-Brake 72mm image 1

GIGAPOWER Brake Pads for V-Brake 72mm

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Gigapower Brake Pads for V-Brake are made of a rubber compound with ceramic fibre and Giga Power, 72mm, sold in pairs.


  • Reliable in dry and wet climates
  • Guaranteed non-squeal
  • No toe-in adjustment required
  • Contains no metal material in rubber compound, less damage to rim
  • Semi-flexible ceramic fibre insulates against friction heat, keeps the rim cooler, compound lasts longer
  • Semi-flexible compound enables for better control of braking power
  • Suitable for steel, alloy and aluminium rims
  • No asbestos
  • Contains no harmful toxic material and is environmentally friendly