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STEADYRACK Classic Bike Rack

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STEADYRACK Classic Bike Rack

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SteadyRack Classic Bike Rack is the ultimate storage solution for a Road Bike, Hybrid Bike, Small Mountain Bike or BMX Bike. Why strain your back? This rack protects you from heavy lifting and can mount on virtually any wall. It is really easy to load the bike onto the rack. It is also designed to pivot for up to 160 degrees so that you can also fold the bike away to the side for convenience and to allow you more space in the garage or storage room. Once in the Steady Rack, the bike is secure and safe. 

Best for
Road, Hybrid, Small MTB, BMX

Designed for bikes with:

Wheel Diameter: 20” – 29”

Tyre Width: Up to 2.1”

Maximum Weight: 35kg

No fenders/mudguards