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Sox Footwear Colour Spill Tab Cycling Socks

Sox Footwear Colour Spill Tab Cycling Socks image 1

Sox Footwear Colour Spill Tab Cycling Socks

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Sox Footwear

The Sox Tab Cycling Socks are for those cyclists who don't like that crew cut sock tan. They still peak up over the shoe with bright, fun colours, so they are visible to let everyone know: hey, I’ve arrived but short enough to cover all the right pressure points. The main purpose of the socks is to run in or wear with your favourite pair of sneakers...

The additional tab of fabric on the back of the sock prevents the shoe from rubbing against the back of your heel and ensures a blister-free adventure. We’ve covered all the technical components to make them comfortable on long runs or short sprint bursts.


  • Lightweight material to keep your feet cool and dry.
  • Clean look and feel on the inside of the sock.
  • No tassels and loose yarns.
  • 2cm cuff for everyday wear and running.
  • PolyLon36 yarn for cool and dry feet.
  • HTFU technology.
  • Manufactured in South Africa.