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BYK E-620x9 Gravel Bike

BYK E-620x9 Gravel Bike image 1

BYK E-620x9 Gravel Bike

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620X9 GRAVEL BIKE | AGE: 10 - 14 YEARS | HEIGHT: 130 - 160 CMS

Ability Level: Comfortable with major skills and ready for the next step. Looks to anticipate the twists, turns and bumps ahead.

Speed, capability, control - don't hold them back with their bike. The BYK E-620 Gravel Bike is the perfect next gravel bike for anyone from 130-160cm. Experience greater stopping power and control with disc brakes, a double butted alloy frame with enhanced gravel specific geometry, gravel tyres to hold grip around soft corners, and flared gravel bike handlebars for greater control over your front wheel.

This is the ultimate kids' fun machine - they may soon be outpacing you on the trails :D

The bike can also easily be used as a junior road bike - either by swapping to faster rolling road-specific tyres or using it with the existing tyres as a dual-purpose bike. It has predictive handling, shock absorbing geometry, Shimano Sora 9-speed gearing, and great stopping power.

This all together makes a thoughtfully designed and impeccably safe kids gravel or road bike at just 11kg.




At ByK we know kids love to be like their heroes, on the 620 GRAVEL they can be ready to race around the cyclocross track like a pro and ride to school the next day. Our unique design makes it possible to ride on the roads smoothly as well dabble in triathlons or touring.

Our clever integrated child specific gear design combine with premium components for a lightweight, versatile and strong dream machine.

Like the entire ByK Range, this is not a scaled down adult bike. Every single component has been considered, tested, custom sized and tuned to suit our rider's profile. Our unique ergonomic riding position and geometry offer a range of riding positions and adjustability unexpected at this size.


Our newest bike is trail inspired but what really shines about the E-620 GRAVEL is that it handles the vast variety of real world riding challenges like no other.

From our lightweight ergonomic Alloy frame and CRM forks to the durable wide, knobby race tyres with high puncture resistance and the custom sized handlebars and stem for the best possible control and comfort, every details has been considered.

Microshift's innovative gear/brake shifters are child specific, super easy to reach and use and we have combined them with our premium cassette, gear changing is taken to a new level for kids road bikes.


Safety is paramount for ByK and with the E620 GRAVEL ByK takes safety to a new level for a kids bike. From our predictive handling and shock absorbing geometry to the coolest and great stopping power of our mini v-brake system. The innovative frame improves balance and control to help each rider operate at the safest level possible.

To make a children's bike safe, the rider needs to be able to brake efficiently and confidently. The custom-sized V-Brakes we have used are calibrated for age, ability and ergonomic fit. And they are made of non-flexing, strong and light alloy. Our light weight alloy rims ensure pedalling is easier. But more importantly alloy rims are a more efficient braking surface than cheaper, chrome-plated steel rims, and are therefore safer.

Little Details Count:

  • True cartridge bottom bracket for straighter chain alignment.
  • Microshift Cassette gears for maximum shift accuracy and reliability.
  • CRM Forks for extra comfort and improved handling.
  • Super tough alloy wheels for reduced maintenance.
  • Calibrated V-Brakes for progressive braking.
  • Full grip pedals for added safety.
  • Machined surface rms for predictable braking.
  • Custom sized grips.



WEIGHT: 10.8kg
FRAME : Butted Alloy Frame, Low Gravity Concept Design, CRM Forks
GEARS: Shimano Sora 9 Speed Rear Derailleur, Shimano HG-200-9 Cassette, 9 Speed Microshift R9 Integrated Alloy Levers
WHEELS: Dynamic Advantage Tall Alloy Wheels, Reinforced 36 Hole
Tyres: Low Profile, Low Resistence Design with Micro grip & Tough Tubes
Brakes: Tektro Mira Mechanical Disk Brakes
Brake Levers: Microshift R9 Integrated Alloy Levers
Saddle: Adjustable, Comfort Midi+ Deluxe
Handlebars: Alloy Custom Width, Drop & Reach with Alloy Short Reach Stem
Safety Reflectors: Included
Bells: Included

 *specs are subject to change without notice due to part shortages

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the low centre of gravity design?

A kids bike that has a lower centre of gravity will ensure it is easier to control at any speed. From start up speed for learners to high speeds for budding dare devils, the superior distribution of weight of the ByK kids bikes ergonomic design inspires confidence and control in the rider.The low centre of gravity design is part of our total ergonomic concept. Compared to the top of the wheels, the heavier elements of the bike are sitting lower or deeper into the wheels. It is our unique design and you may see this visually illustrated on our safety page. Effectively we have helped to stabilise the rider and distribute their weight and the bike weight to a position of better control.

Why is a lighter bike better for kids?

After design & efficiency, the next most important aspect is weight. This applies to all bikes and in kid's bikes we have found most bikes on the market are over-weight! The average adult bike weighs approximately 15kgs with the expected rider to weigh between 60-90 kg. By comparison, the average children's bike weighs 13kgs for a child weighing around 20kgs.

You can clearly see the kids have their work cut out. By making our bikes 20% lighter, the rider benefits hugely in many ways, especially bike control. Every little bit of weight we have saved will benefit your child as it does on an adult bike; just multiply the affect by more than two!

Why are bigger wheels more efficient?

Our ByK bikes superior efficiency is possible because we have an innovative design and genuinely lighter weight, but also from our more efficient wheel dynamics. We have achieved this by reducing the rolling resistance of the tyres while increasing the overall rolling size of the wheels. One major benefit from our big wheel concept is the significance it has on reducing the time it takes to get a stationary bike up to balance speed, a critical advantage for all new riders.