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Park Tool CT-5 Mini Chain Breaker Tool

Park Tool CT-5 Mini Chain Breaker Tool image 1

Park Tool CT-5 Mini Chain Breaker Tool

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The Park Tool CT-5 Chain Tool is extremely lightweight and compact. It is easy to store in the saddle bag, ready to whip out for any chain emergencies. It is a good quality tool that could even be used in a qualified mechanic's workshop. It removes and installs pins on all 5 - 12 speed chains. The integrated loosening shelf is useful for adjusting tight links on older style chains.


  • Compatible with all 5-speed to 12-speed bicycle chains* including SRAM® T-Type, SRAM® Flattop™, and Shimano® XTR® 12-speed
  • Compatible with 3/32" single-speed chains
  • Compatible with many 1/8" single-speed chains — see the CT-3.3 for guaranteed compatibility with all single-speed chains
  • Not compatible with 3/16" or half-link single-speed chains
  • Replaceable pin (part # CTP)
  • Weight: 77g (2.7 oz.)
  • Dimensions: 60 x 55 x 15 mm (2.4" x 2.2" 0.6")

*The CT-5 will install and remove, but not peen, Campagnolo® 11 and 12-speed chain rivets.