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BFJ Force Road Jersey Cycling 2024

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BFJ Force Road Jersey Cycling 2024

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The NEW Force Road Cycling Jerseys

We are excited to announce a change to the Force Cycle Crew and the arrival of the 2024 Force Road Cycling Jerseys. The new jersey looks great so pop in store to have a look and get yourself kitted out for 2024!

Force Cycle Crew in 2024

This year, things are much simpler. We’ve shifted from a preorder system to stocking a full size range of jerseys in-store. This ensures you can try and buy the size that suits you.

This also means that the FCC membership is no longer included with the jersey. We have listened to all your feedback and found that there are many people who wanted the membership without the kit or vice versa. While we love seeing all our cyclists in our kit, we’ve determined it’s better to keep the membership as a separate thing.

That means that from 2024, the FCC membership no longer exists. We are exploring ways to continue to provide benefits and deals to our regulars through other means.

New Low Prices

With the retirement of the FCC membership, we’ve been working towards lowering all our prices across the board. You can now be confident that you’re always getting our best prices, even without a paid membership!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a matching bib or knicks?
We have decided not to produce matching knicks for 2024. Many people have specific preferences with knicks so you can now wear your preferred shorts with the new jersey.

What colours are available?
The Force Road Cycling Jersey comes in a yellow men’s fit and a pink women’s fit.

What size do I need?
We always recommend trying on the jersey to ensure the right size. This jersey tends to fit fairly small and you should expect to size up once or twice from Australian-sized jerseys. The sizes will be the same as last year’s jerseys, so if you know your size, you can go ahead and order online.

What are the member benefits?
The Force Road Cycling Jersey is no longer associated with a membership.

Do I need to order the kit like last year?
No. This year, we’ve simplified the kit purchase. Instead of needing to preorder, we’ve already got stock on hand and hope to have stock available for the rest of the year. This allows people to become a part of the crew without waiting for the next membership sign-up.