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KNOG Scout Bike Motion Alarm & Tracker

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KNOG Scout Bike Motion Alarm & Tracker

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The Knog Scout Bike Motion Alarm & Tracker is the ultimate technology to prevent your bike being stolen.  It detects any motion and will not only emit a really loud alarm (85 decibels), you can accurately track your bike as the has a built in Apple tag. This allows the user to trace the location of their bike using their Apple device and Apple's 'Find my' app technology.


With 2 Scout colour options to pick from, the rider can decide how overt they wish to make their Scout; the functionality remains the same.

For discreet protection, choose Black Stealth.

For overt protection, choose Neon Yellow cover included

Enjoying up to 6 months of battery life between charges, a user will only have to charge their device twice a year.

25 grams, that’s the equivalent weight of a single AA battery.

When charging Scout, there is no need to remove the unit from the bike; simply recharge via a USB-C cable.

The alarm is impossible to ignore at 85 Decibels, which is louder than a truck, but not quite as loud as a helicopter.

Scout attaches to your bike via the bottle cage mounts using tamper-proof security screws.

Multi-functional LED’s allow the user to clearly see if their Scout is alarmed, paired and the status of the battery.

With a waterproof rating of IP67, the Scout can be left in the rain, ridden in the rain, or get wet when washing your bike without affecting the functionality.



How long does the Knog Scout battery last? The Knog Scout battery only needs to be charged every 6 months.

How much does the Knog Scout Bike Tracker weigh? The Knog Scout is lightweight, compact and only weighs 25 grams.

How loud is the Knog Scout alarm? The Knog Scout alarm is 85 decibels, so it is as loud as a truck but not as loud as a helicopter.

How does the Knog Scout attach to the bike? The Knog Scout fits neatly under the bottle cage and has tamper-proof screws.

Is the Knog Scout waterproof? The Knog Scout is waterproof for rain or even washing the bike.  It has a waterproof rating of IP67.

How does the Knog Scout track a stolen bike? The Knog Scout can trace the location of a bike using the Apple device and Apple's 'Find my' app technology. The unit has a built in Apple ID tag to allow a stolen bike to be located quickly.

Is the Knog Scout compatible with Android? The Knog Scout is only compatible with iPhone/iOS at the moment, but they are working on an Android solution.  If anyone has an iPhone near you, they can track your bike for you.

Is the Knog Scout available in different colours?   It comes with a Neon Yellow cover for overt protection, or leave the cover off and have the original Black Stealth for discreet protection.

What was the release date of the Knog Scout? The Knog Scout was officially released end of July 2022, but the stock was delayed and only arrived in mid-October.

Does the Knog Scout have a subscription fee? No, unlike many competing options, the Knog Scout has no subscription fee - it's a one-time purchase.