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GNARLY Tubeless Performance Inserts Black 2.6-3.0"

GNARLY Tubeless Performance Inserts Black 2.6-3.0" image 1

GNARLY Tubeless Performance Inserts Black 2.6-3.0"

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The Gnarly Tubeless Performance Inserts gives your rim the ultimate protection against impacts and prevents burping. Once you have installed these inserts, you will have confidence on the trails to nail the jumps and hard stuff! They are super lightweight and come in at less than 100 grams each. These inserts can fit a gravel bike, or an ebike or even a mountain bike.

NO GIMMICKS, NO BS....If it’s Gnarly, it Works!
  • Why do my tyres squirm?
  • Why are my tyres wearing out so quickly?
  • Why do my wheels bottom out?

Most tubeless inserts focus on rim protection, Gnarly focuses on improving performance in addition to rim protection giving you the confidence you need to have a Gnarly good time!

Why Choose Gnarly?

Dollar for dollar, we believe Gnarly inserts are the lightest, best performing and easiest to fit tubeless tyre inserts on the planet.

What makes Gnarly better than other brands on the planet?

Gnarly does it all, maximum rim protection, prevents burping, provides additional tyre support at lower tyre pressures, reduces tyre squirm, and trail vibration, light weight, it doesn’t affect wheel rotation or steering responsiveness, it doesn’t absorb sealant, it fits perfectly into any sized tyre, and are super easy to install!