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Muc-Off All-New Tubeless Valve Kit V2 44mm

Muc-Off All-New Tubeless Valve Kit V2 44mm image 1

Muc-Off All-New Tubeless Valve Kit V2 44mm

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The Muc-Off new Tubeless Valve Kits V2 are lightweight and durable and come in 10 different snazzy colours so that you can style up your bike.  These valves are suitable for Mountain Bikes, Gravel Bikes or Road Bikes. The alloy has been upgraded from 6061 to aircraft grade 7075 to make them stronger and lighter than before. The new machined 6 slot channel in the base gives easier inflation and can even be used with most tubeless tyre foam inserts still allowing for air flow. It comes with 3 sets of different shaped rubber inserts so that they are adaptable to a variety of rims and they work well to seal the rim.


  • 7075 Aluminium machined valve stem 
  • 7075 Aluminium machined cap
  • 4mm machined Allen Key slot for easy installation / removal
  • Includes Valve Core Removal Tool (integrated into spare alloy cap)
  • Supplied with various rubber bases to optimise fit with multiple rim types
  • Assortment of 10 eye-popping anodised colours
  • Available in 3 different sizes - 44mm, 60mm or 80mm
  • Suitable for MTB, gravel, and road
  • Suitable for Presta Valves only

What's Included?

  • 2x 7075 aluminium tubeless Presta valves
  • 2x Valve caps
  • 2x Locking nuts
  • 1x Valve core removal tool (doubles as a spare valve cap)
  • 3 x Pairs of rubber bases for size choice

How To?

Muc-Off Tubeless valves will work with most tubeless rims. If you are unsure, please refer to your rim manufacturer's instructions to check which tubeless valves will work for your rims.

Fitting Instructions

  1. Firstly, remove the valve cap, locking ring and o-ring from the valve stem.
  2. Then choose the correct rubber base for your rim type. Rims with a curved rim section will use the circular rubber base. Rims with a square rim section will use the square rubber base. Slot this on down to the bottom of the valve stem. (If you find your rim has a larger valve hole and the smaller circular fitment is too loose, use the larger circular fitment to plug the hole)
  3. Now push the valve stem into the hole in the rim and push it right the way though. Then place the rubber 0-ring onto the valve stem and slide it all the way down until it meets the rim.
  4. Screw the locking ring onto the valve stem and tighten down above the o-ring. This sandwiches between the locking ring and the rim. Push firmly down on the valve base inside the rim as you tighten the locking ring. Keep pushing until the locking rick is hand tight and the rubber o-ring squashes out. This way you know you've created a good air tight seal.
  5. TIP - don't over tighten as this can cause leaking. Finish by screwing on your preferred valve cap.
  6. Use the valve core removal tool (integrated into spare alloy cap) to remove the core and fill with no puncture hassle tubeless sealant and inflate! Job Done.

Why did you choose this product?

O'Toole Scott, 12 July

Great kit comes with everything you need to change your valves.

Ian A, 31 January

The core removal tool that's integrated in the cap is genius.