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Specialized Turbo Levo Demo Fleet

Discover what makes the Specialized Turbo Levo the best eMTB on the market and join us for one of our demo days, or schedule a day that suits you.
by Kale Griffiths - September 18, 2023
Specialized Turbo Levo Demo Fleet

Discover what makes the Specialized Turbo Levo the best eMTB on the market. 

The Power To Bend Space And Time

Levo delivers an unmatched combination of usable power and refined delivery, with 565 watts of peak power and 90 Nm of torque. This is the most powerful bike in its class. The power is obvious when you find yourself easily out-climbing everybody else. But what's even more important is how Levo enables you to harness that power. Levo's controller delivers its torque so smoothly that you find traction in loose, steep terrain where other bikes spin out. You can sit and spin a high cadence for optimal power and efficiency where other, less refined bikes demand you stand and mash the pedals (and your knees). Levo delivers power like a natural extension of yourself, and the ability to smoothly, seamlessly control the delivery of all this power is a cornerstone of what makes this bike so great. This is what we mean by "usable power."

Ride Anywhere Range

Levo shatters limitations when it comes to range, amplifying your effort for up to five hours of trail time. Now you can ride farther, and explore more, than ever before. And Smart Control ensures that you won’t run out of juice. It enables you to input the duration or distance of your ride and then manages support level to complete it with available battery charge.


The MasterMind TCU is the brain of the bike. Displaying all relevant info about your ride, it allows real-time tuning of support levels, enables over-the-air updates so that your bike gets better over time, and seamlessly integrates with the Mission Control app for advanced tuning, on-trail diagnostics, and more.


Jarrahdale Demo Day

Tackle the trails on a demo Turbo Levo at Jarrahdale. This is a great way to experience what eMTB are truly all about.

Date 1st Oct
Time 8:30am - 12pm
Location Jarrahdale Carpark

To participate in the demo day, you will need to bring your phone and driver's license. You'll have to use the Specialized Waiver app on the day to reserve a bike for a demo loop.

Yaberoo Budjara Demo Day

We'll also have a demo day at the heritage trail. You'll be able to take the bike around the first section of the trails and up the steep road leaving the carkpark to get a feel for the power of the eMTB.

Date 8th Oct
Time 9am - 12pm
Location Yaberoo Budjara Carpark
Tags: Demo Bikes

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