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SIS Go Hydro Tablet 20x4g

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SIS Go Hydro Tablet 20x4g

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The SIS GO Hydro tablets are designed to give you the correct amount of electrolytes and sodium to keep you properly hydrated during hectic workouts so that you can produce your best performance! They contain just about zero calories so you can have peace of mind you are not gulping down copious amounts of calories. Sometimes plain water is just not enough when you are sweating out a lot of electrolytes. These tablets should be used before and during your workout and should be part of a balanced and healthy diet. Please note that this is not a weight loss product.

It is an effervescent tablet that you pop into your water bottle and it dissolves quickly in plain water.
It was developed to keep the British Sailing team optimally hydrated at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Simply drop a tablet into water for effective hydration, with virtually no calories, before and during sports.


  • Simply drop in water to provide a high electrolyte drink
  • High in sodium to help promote hydration
  •  When hydration is required without the added calories
  • Contents: 20 x 4.2g Tablets