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Lazer Lupo Kineticore Unisize MTB Helmet

Lazer Lupo Kineticore Unisize MTB Helmet image 1

Lazer Lupo Kineticore Unisize MTB Helmet

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The Lazer Lupo KinetiCore is the perfect Mountain Biking Helmet. It looks stylish and has a comfortable fit, offering good ventilation and deep coverage on the sides to protect your head when you ride. It has a fixed integrated visor which gives plenty of room for brow vents and for your sunnies. The Lazer TurnSys system provides the adjustment you need, with just a turn of the dial for a perfect fit. Give your head the best protection on dirt trails, single-track or on the street and look cool at the same time! This helmet has been rated 5 stars for safety in rotational impact tests at Virginia Tech.


• KinetiCore crumple zones take the force of the blow
• Easy vertical adjustability
• LED light compatibility
• Secure goggle position 
• Better visibility on the trails  
• Uni-size: 54-61cm | Oval and Round Fit


  • Fit System
  • Sizes
  • Weight
  • TurnSys® System
  • Uni-size/55-61cm
  • 390g Uni CE