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Park Tool TSI-1 Tubeless Sealant Injector

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Park Tool TSI-1 Tubeless Sealant Injector

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The Park Tool Tubeless Sealant Injector will protect you from the usual mess and muck of tubeless tyre set up and removal. You can inject the perfect amount of sealant directly into mounted tubeless tyres through the valve system without having to remove the bead from the rim. It has a long, thin tube that is able to fit all the way through Schrader as well as many Presta valves that have removable cores. It gives a neat injection and removal of all injectable tubeless bicycle tyre sealants. The large syringe body also has a gauge which is easy to use. It has fluid ounce and cc markings so that you can add the sealant precisely. A convenient, easy tool to use, which would be handy in any garage or professional workshop.


  • Syringe capacity: 100 cc (3.5 fl. oz.)
  • Tube dimensions: 120mm (4.75") long x 3.5mm (0.14") diameter

NOTE: some tubeless valve stems feature an opening that is smaller than the tube of the TSI-1. In these cases, the bead must be removed from the rim in order to remove sealant from the tire.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of tubeless sealant formulations that have been tested and shown to work with the TSI-1:

  • Alienation® Blue Magic
  • Black Ox®
  • Bontrager® TLR
  • Continental® RevoSealant
  • Maxima Racing Oils®
  • Muc-Off® No Puncture Hassle
  • Orange Seal® Endurance
  • Orange Seal® Regular
  • Orange Seal® Subzero
  • Panaracer® Seal Smart
  • Peaty's
  • Slime® STR
  • Squirt® SEAL
  • Stan's NoTubes® original formula